Do you remember your first time?

What were you thinking? We were thinking about all the times we were the first or one of the first to do something in public relations or communications.

We were reminded of this by all the Twitter turmoil. We both joined Twitter in early 2007 and within a couple of months were using it to run a national political campaign. It's not the only first in communications that we've done, and Stuart has done even more. These are just some we can remember:

  • UK's third political blog - Stuart in 2003
  • One of the world's first 10 PR blogs - Stuart in 2003
  • UK's first Twitter political campaign - Stuart in 2007
  • World's first multi-language multimedia newsroom - Stuart and Tim in 2008

We could keep going with things like the UK's first 'mummy blogger' meet-up (what we now call influencers), and the UK's first 100% digital lobbying campaign (which was successful), but you get the idea.

The new hot spots in PR and communications that we're using, exploring and experimenting with include online communities, augmented reality, blockchain, data and analytics.

Earlier this year we launched an invite only professional community for public relations and communications professionals. We've just relaunched it and invite you to join. If you are a PR, comms leader or aspiring leader then you're welcome. Read more about the Comms Leaders Club below.

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πŸŽ‚ Happy fiftieth! 🍷🍻πŸ₯ƒ

It's our fiftieth birthday. This is the fiftieth edition of PR Futurist.

Thank you to everyone who has been here from the start and those of you who've joined more recently.

We'd love it if you can drop us an email to say hi and what you like about PR Futurist.


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