I don't like Mondays because I've got Friday on my mind

Do you like Mondays or are you with the Boomtown Rats? We're trying something different this time and sending you PR Futurist on a Monday. It's largely because too many people have got Friday on their mind and are thinking about Friday night, Saturday morning. This means on Fridays the number of out of office replies is going up every week.

It's also come to our attention that not everyone realises that clicking on the headline takes you to the article or report that we're sharing. If you want to share one particular story, then copy the link at the end of the story at it takes people to that specific story in the newsletter.

In this issue we find out if Mastodon really is an alternative to Twitter, the 2022 ICCO World PR Report, a new global reputation rank using AI (from Signal AI) and a thoroughly depressing story on the metrics that are most used by PR professionals.

And finally, did you know that AI is now better at Diplomacy than humans?

Stuart Bruce and Tim Bailey | Purposeful Relations  


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