Why no mention of Twitter and Elon Musk? The real news is McKinsey on communities.

The biggest news today in digital and social is undoubtedly Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter. But we haven't included a link to a news article, as which one would we link to? And we're sure you've already heard the news.

There's lots of wild-eyed scaremongering about what Musk might do to Twitter. We even see people already saying they will or might have to abandon Twitter.

Our take is more measured. Let's wait and see. Twitter has been around since 2006, and we've both been active on it since early 2007. Twitter has established itself as a vital news and social platform. Despite the frequent criticisms and complaints about toxicity, it remains a vital platform for public relations and communications professionals. Quite simply, it's the platform where people that 'matter' hang out. It's where you'll find journalists, politicians, activists, academics, experts and more. They 'matter' because they influence everyone else.

This is unlikely to change overnight. Let's wait and see what Elon Musk does with his new toy. And remember he might be rich, but even he isn't going to want to break his new $44 million toy.

Check out our other stories to see that Twitter isn't the only news story around. In particular read the blog post on communities. McKinsey thinks the “big idea” in 2020s marketing is community. We think community is going to be even more important for public relations and communications.

In a quote in a new best practice guide Stuart warns that PR and communications risks blowing the community opportunity as it has blown digital communications opportunities in the past. Talk to us today to make sure you don't blow it!

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