More AI shenanigans, data story telling and the soaring value of PR

Welcome back to our fortnightly smorgasbord of articles on issues in and around the practice of communications. Clear communication in politics is vital for effective campaigning so the data visualisation at kamikwasi.tax is a peach. It forgoes the standard communications measure of ‘things’ such as the London bus, football pitch, or the size of Wales and uses area to represent some very large numbers indeed. Effective and very simple, one to be ‘influenced’ by.

Long-time readers will know that we are sceptics and realists about the hype around AI. This week we get to again sharpen our sarcasm over the hype versus reality of systems that take large amounts of data from the internet and produce racist, sexist, frankly illegal almost everywhere outputs. The old computing adage of rubbish in = rubbish out endures.

Finally, a little self-promotion—Stuart has revised his primer on the Metaverse for his recent CommsHero presentation. A useful starter for curious colleagues and food for thought when reviewing areas that your communications practise should address.

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