๐Ÿฅ‚ Happy New Year

Hi it's Stuart Bruce here again to wish you all a Happy New Year. It's not too late yet is it? I didn't hit you with a TWTWTW on the first day back at work as I didn't think anyone would have time to read it. It's been a roller coaster week hasn't it?

In the UK we're into our third lockdown and I'm expecting more restrictions before we see any easing which I think won't be until after Easter unless lots of things change dramatically.

And what can we say about the USA? The scenes of terrorists (which seems a more apt word than protestors) attacking the US Capitol building were extraordinary. Like many of you I've done the tourist trail in Washington DC so experienced the security to get in. This was like a scene from the film Olympus Has Fallen.

Since starting TWTWTW last July I've had an extraordinary response with lots of interesting conversations with subscribers. I've got one favour to ask you and that's for everyone who is reading this to recommend it to two friends or colleagues. Just share the https://sbpr.cc/twtwtw link. I'd be really grateful. Thanks in advance.

Best wishes - Stuart  

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