Lies, damned lies and statisics

Hopefully that's not true of this edition of PR Futurist as it's packed full of the latest research reports. We take a look at the use and abuse of ESG, greenwashing and climate misinformation, as well as the latest Reuters' research on digital news.

There's also a useful new guide about libel, privacy and data protection laws around the world which is useful to anyone who does crisis communications.

Stuart Bruce and Tim Bailey | PR Futurist  


Newsjack #1

Madame Tussaud's Blackpool repeated a stunt Madame Tussaud's has used before by placing its wax work of Boris Johnson outside the local job centre. Madame Tussaud's did the same with Donald Trump when he refused to fulfil Obamba's promise to open the new US embassy in London.


Newsjack #2

Burger King was quick off the mark to newsjack the resignation of UK prime minister Boris Johnson. If you are one of our international readers and English isn't your first language, you need to know that a Whopper is not only a large burger, but also a gross or blatant lie... something Mr Johnson is renowned for and ultimately became his downfall.


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