Are you ready for an AI media trainer?

This edition of PR Futurist has a few more stories than usual. That's probably an indicator of just how fast things are moving at the moment in communication technology and AI. This is the short version, as we'd curated even more interesting stories (most of those you can see in the Flipboard edition).

What do you think is the most important story we've covered in this issue? Is it that AI is now 82% more persuasive than humans? Or is that AI means either eight million UK jobs are at risk or a £306 billion boost to the economy depending on how the UK handles it?

Or maybe it's that there is now an AI tool that can analyse a video of an interview or presentation to provide feedback and tips for improving it? An AI media trainer?

As always, we'd love to know what you think. And if you spot any interesting news or research that you think should be in the next issue of PR Futurist then let us know.

Stuart Bruce

Stuart Bruce | PR Futurist  


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The Final Word...

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