Wishing those who celebrate a happy and restful Easter this week! There's lots going on with AI. Food for thought here - is it actually unethical for PR professionals not to use AI? Stuart has written a blog post on this, which I would highly recommend a read of. It's fabulous that the people at LinkedIn are offering us 250 free course choices to get stuck into to improve our CPD including AI literacy. Why not give one of them a go! Isn't it about time you had a reality check about the IT you've paid for? Are you actually getting the value from it that you should, could you be saving money and/or getting better outcomes. You know where to come, we're always here for you, enjoy the bank holiday, you deserve it!

Karen Marshall  


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Do you really know what your IT costs?

You probably spend a lot on IT services, but are you getting best value? You might be paying for services you don't need, or missing out on ways to make your work easier.

That's why we developed our CommsTransform™ process, which helps you check your IT spending and find ways to better use the services you already have. We can show you how to make the most of what you already have or recommend better options.

Remove the mystery from your IT budget. Get in touch with Purposeful Relations today and find out how we can help you save money and get more value from the services you buy..

Tim Bailey | Digital Futurist