As we begin to see the early shoots of spring, lots of developments to keep up with, we do it so you don't have to!

Our advisory board member Kara Alaimo has provided a useful roundup of the evidence given by the big social media bosses to the US senate. If you want to discuss the sorts of issues we cover PR Futurist you need to attend the Davos Communication summit which has now opened for exclusive registration, don't miss it!

As it becomes much harder to recover from corporate reputational crisis due to a polarised climate, let us help you avoid them as well as preparing to handle them well. In other news the countries of the EU have given a crucial nod to the first-of-a-kind artificial intelligence law. It will be interesting to see the impact and what the benefits and drawbacks will be.

And finally I had fun creating this AI image to illustrate using Copilot.

Karen Marshall | Purposeful Relations | Stuart Bruce Associates  


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Do you know how much you are spending on IT?

Do you know just how much you are spending on IT? You might have a good idea what you are spending hardware such as laptops and maybe even what you give Microsoft or Google each month for your office software. But what are you spending on all those essential services from Cision, PRophet, CoverageBook and the like?

Our CommsTransform™ process includes an audit of ALL your IT related expenditure and shows you where you can get more from your subscriptions, using functionality you were not aware of. You may find you can trim some of your expenditure without losing any function.

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Tim Bailey | Digital Futurist