Happy holidays

In the UK it's that time of year when everything gets thrown out of sync by public holidays. It's a LinkedIn focused edition of PR Futurist this time as Microsoft reports record growth for LinkedIn, which is yet more evidence as to why PR and communications people need to take it seriously.

There's also a provocative article by SEO and digital marketing guru Rand Fishkin who argues that marketing folk take attribution far too seriously. You won't hear any argument from us, as it's what we've been saying for years. PR folk often see marketing folk boasting about attribution and using it to 'prove' their success. It's often B*!!**!t, with a capital B. Read Rand's article and talk to us to learn more about what does and doesn't work when it comes to measuring and evaluating communications.

Finally, what's an issue of PR Futurist, without a mention of AI? This time it's another article examining the ethics.

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