👱 Why can't PR people do basic media relations?

This week tackles the issues of defining PR and marketing, why PR isn't just media relations and why so many PR people can't even do basic media relations. When I shared a screen grab on LinkedIn of the email inbox of The Sun's political editor I didn't expect so much reaction and for more than 50,000 people to read it with hundreds of reactions, comments and messages.

I don't even bother to promote that I can provide training in media relations as I thought it a basic skill that every experienced PR person had mastered. Judging by the inbox, apparently not. I'm now running in-house courses for clients and might run open courses for individuals who want to sign up to do it with people from other companies or organisations.

Sharing it on LinkedIn is fascinating as you can see who is reading it. It includes 44 from the UK government Cabinet Office. Others with more than 20 include HSBC, Nationwide Building Society, EY, KPMG, BBC, Edelman, Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, NHS England and Coca-Cola. Some of the most common job titles are executive director, business strategist, marketing specialist and consultant.

Best wishes - Stuart  


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