The UK has a new government. The centre left social democratic Labour Party won a resounding victory to make Sir Keir Starmer the new Prime Minister.

We believe this heralds huge opportunities for the public relations and communications profession.

Ethics are now at the heart of government. Business will be expected to put that same ethical purpose into everything they do. As corporate affairs professionals we have a role to identify risks and to help CEOs embrace opportunities.

We have a Cabinet that will prioritise economic growth which will benefit us all.

I've had the privilege of working with and knowing may of the people who are now Cabinet ministers and ministers of state.

♀️ Rachel Reeves, the UK's first female Chancellor, is someone I've known since before she was selected to stand as an MP.

📈 Jonny Reynolds brings a refreshing new approach to Business and Industry as he genuinely understands that it's impossible to be pro-worker without being pro-business.

👮‍♀️ Yvette Cooper brings gravitas, compassion and experience to the Home Office.

☘️ My old friend Hilary Benn brings much needed expertise and stability to Northern Ireland.

☀️ Former Labour leader Ed Milliband will ensure the UK is at the forefront of the green energy revolution.

🚅 Lou Haigh and her team will help get the country moving by revitalising transport.

I look forward to an opportunity to get to know those ministers I don't already know and finding out which of my friends become junior ministers as they are announced later today and this week.

It's also been another bumper week for PR and comms news and research.

Podcasts are a bit like buses as first you get none and then they all come at once (although Lou Haigh will hopefully fix that). I've recently been the guest on two podcasts and they've both been published at once.

Coming up I'm doing another AI for PR and comms webinar. This time for the CIPR with Professor Anne Gregory.

Stuart Bruce | PR Futurist  


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