A series of unfortunate events

A series of unfortunate events is a great book and TV series, but in this case the unfortunate events happened to Stuart and meant we missed publishing last Monday's PR Futurist.

On Sunday he lost his prescription glasses so had to resort to using his prescription sunglasses. He spent most of Monday morning searching and at the opticians to get replacements.

On Tuesday morning he had a great time at the 72Point panel about AI in PR and journalism. Unfortunately, on his way to his next meeting he was hit by a rogue cyclist which resulted in a painful broken finger.

Now PR Futurist has finally arrived it's got some great stories including AI's impact on employment rights, free passes to the AMEC global summit, real time deepfakes and a thought-provoking piece that asks if we should consider AI to be a stakeholder.

Karen Marshall

Stuart Bruce | PR Futurist  


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