School's out for the summer

School's out for the summer In some parts of the world, but PR Futurist is back ready to help you as we took our summer break in July.

A bit of 90s nostalgia as we look back at how Friends might have predicted AI and computers of the future. We miss Friends, so any excuse to have another look, but tell us what you think of this clip and tell us if Ross (or the writers) had a crystal ball.

Are you on Threads or Bluesky yet? Read on to find out more about them. Bluesky is invite only and we've got a tiny number of invites so let Stuart or Tim know if you want one. But only ask if you're going to use it, as they are in such short supply people are selling them!

Stuart's AI masterclass received glowing reports from those who attended, but don't worry, you can still catch up with the latest on how AI can help you and your company, as well as what the risks are of not getting the right advice or not engaging at all. Don't miss the video.

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Before you go and have a great summer 🏝🏜

Before you go, don't forget to watch the clip of Ross from Friends' hilarious prediction on AI and tech and brush up on your AI knowledge with Stuart's masterclass video.

Whilst at PR Futurist we're back from our summer break, we hope if you're also lucky enough to be going on a summer holiday or not we hope you have a great summer!

Stuart Bruce | PR Futurist