🎆 And we're back

The reason you've not heard from me for a while is because I've been working on launching a new business. We are finally live and PRovoke has done a fantastic news story on our launch. It's also an opportunity to relaunch That Was The Week That Was as PR Futurist, which is also the title of my blog (which I've published since 2003 when it was one of the world's first PR blogs). We're going to start by publishing it every two weeks as it allows us to be more selective and reflective in choosing the content to share. The next issue will be in the first week of the New Year.

Stories for PR Futurist will come from both me and Tim Bailey, the co-founder of Purposeful Relations. If you spot something you think should be included, then please let us know. If you find PR Futurist useful, then please forward it to friends or colleagues who you think might be interested, so they can subscribe.

Let me know what you think and get in touch if you've any questions about Purposeful Relations. We're here to help.

Stuart Bruce | PR Futurist | Co-founder, Purposeful Relations  


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