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Welcome to a new week and a new month. I don't know about you but I'm certainly a lot more optimistic about the future. On a business front I'm working with some exciting new clients and there are even more fantastic potential projects on the horizon. Let me know what you're up... and if I can help.

This week there is an abundance of new research reports. I haven't had time to work my way through them all yet but know that when I have I'm going to find lots of useful insights I can use with consultancy clients and share with delegates on PR training courses.

This week's #PRtech tool is going old school and continues the theme of the audio-only social network Clubhouse. It's a neat tool to let people leave you voice notes and lets you reply by voice asynchronously so it's not an actual real-time conversation. Yep, you've got it, it's voicemail tag for websites. I've installed the code on my blog so hit the button on the right-hand side and leave me a voice message at stuartbruce.biz.

Best wishes - Stuart  

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